CUSTOM COATING SOLUTIONS has the solution for your waterproofing projects!

Flexstone is a fully CCMC approved product for use over living space. This includes flat roofs and roof decks. The CCMC designation is usually all that is required for our material to get a stamp of approval for a project. CCMC stands for the ‘Canadian Construction Materials Center’ – and is a federal body that determines what building materials meet the high standards to be approved federally. While this often translates into respective building codes, further inspection or approvals are occasionally requested.

Flexstone is not only approved, but also performed very well in the required tests. The red-tape involved in the building industry is necessary to ensure that homeowners and building owners are using products that will last. This red-tape can also be a nuisance for products that are new. Flexstone has been installed across Canada for over 20 years but has only been approved by CCMC for 5 years. This means that some municipalities and engineers have not yet been educated on how well Flexstone performs.