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Love our garage floor!!
We had Custom Coating Solutions coat our garage floor  over a year ago. One of the smartest investments we ever made!
The garage floor looks as bright, clean and beautiful as the day we had it installed. Pride of ownership is felt when visiting friends and family ALL comment on how amazing our garage floor looks.
Product and workmanship are first class with this company, as Ken was very knowledgeable, passionate and professional with his approach towards beautifying our garage floor. ALL Ken’s staff were very friendly and a pleasure to talk to during the installation
Can’t wait to hire Custom Coating Solutions to ‘bring back to life’ our backyard deck as well in the near future!

Home Builder

I am a home builder and can attest to the great job and quality product that Ken does. I have it in my own home in Beaumont and it’s just awesome both in look and function I highly recommend him to my customers and anyone else.

Premier Built Garages

Custom Coating Solutions has been doing our floor coatings for a couple of years now and we couldn’t be happier with the product and service! Ken Klause has always shown great attention to detail and commitment to service and quality in all of the projects he has done for us.  We will continue to use Custom Coating Solutions for all of our projects in the future!

Nicholas Northup


Wolf Willow Manor

I thought that you would like to know just how pleased we are with the work you have done around our building. Of course the first work that was done was the entrance way to our back door. That has stood the test of time. We have had a new owner move in to the adjoining suite and the sale was completed because of the work you did way back. Then there’s the work that you did on the two areas on either side of our front entrance. Little did we know that this work would make our building look so attractive to anyone looking to buy into our building. The two areas that you did stopped all leaks and , the owners of the two suites can’t stop raving about the work that was done. I look like a genius, so much so that other owners want every balcony to be done for every one of our ground floor suites. I want to thank you for your work, and if you ever want anyone to sing your praises for you work, don’t hesitate to have them call me and I’ll point out

Joe Hudson

Kimberly Homes

This is a letter of recommendation for Ken Klause and Custom Coating Solutions. Ken has done a lot of work for Kimberley Homes over the years, and we highly recommend him for any of your garage or deck flooring projects. We have come to rely on his dependability, along with the high quality work he completes.

Ryan Fancy

Vice President Construction Experience

University of Alberta

We needed a sump coating job to be done at our waste facility. I contacted Ken Klause of Custom Coating Solutions and I heard great things about his workmanship and product. The finished job and cost was outstanding and we couldn’t be happier with his work. I would recommend Ken for any future work as his product and cost seems far superior to other products on the market.

Tony Selinger

Supervisor, Clover bar Hazardous Waste Management Facility

Alberta Animal Services

The work at our facility was an Extensive Project which required a large amount of preparation time and final finishing. Throughout both the preparation and final coating process Ken and his team kept us up to date on how the work was progressing. This was key for our organization because it was business as usual at our facility as the work progressed. Both the timeline of the work and as well as the cleanliness was key for our operation to continue as the work progressed. The final product was well worth the Value and has withstood year-round use since the work was completed. I am more than happy to stand behind the work of Custom Coating Solutions has done, and I would highly recommend them for your project

George Potter

Chief Administrating Officer

Re Max Commercial

My garage floor needed attention, after investigating all products available I seen the quality work done by Ken Klause at Custom Coating Solutions was above and beyond all competitors and after he looked at the project we came to terms to do the work. Ken was more than professional and met the estimate given. Scheduling was completed on time and met and exceeded all expectations, the project looked and still looks like the day he completed. I would highly recommend Ken and Custom Coating Solutions to anyone. As a commercial Realtor I have seen many different types of Coatings that have failed and believe This is a Superior product for Home and Commercial Applications.

Barry Campbell

Urban Life Management

Ken Klause the owner of Custom Coating Solutions has bending decks for us since 2010. We have never had any problems with him or his company. He does excellent work and we will be using him again this summer to do decks for us. I would highly recommend him.

Iona Keating

Residential Property Manager

Ing & McKee Insurance

Please accept this letter as a recommendation for the work that Ken Klause and Custom Coating Solutions has done on my behalf.The pricing of the work completed stayed completely on budget. The time frame that was provided to complete the work came in exactly as estimated. The cleanliness of the worksite and the professionalism of the team far exceeded our expectations. However, the one thing that I felt that stood out for us was Ken’s attention to detail and extreme pride he puts into his work, his work ethic, and the final product. I can’t be happier with the work that was completed and would highly recommend Ken to anyone.

Clayton Dexter, FCIP, CRM

Senior Account Manager

Robert Krahn

Thank you for your services, everything looks good and we are very happy with your work. We appreciate you working around the needs of our seniors and working within their schedules to cause the least amount of inconvenience for them. Look forward to working with you again.

Thank You

Robert Krahn

David Steer

I heard about Custom Coating Solutions and the work they were doing with decks and garage floors. Their product was described to me as a thicker version, with many more application options, as the material used for spray-on truck box liners. I though I’d test the product on one garage floor. I was so impressed with the first garage they did I had them come back and do 3 other areas for a total of 2000 sq ft. They were meticulous with the prep work and took the time to do the job perfectly. The durability of the product is amazing – no visible floor cracks!! It washes easily and any oil spills can be pressure washed with zero damage to the flooring. I will be using Custom Coating Solutions again. It’s been 5 years since the first garage was done…and it still looks like new!!

David Steer