Garage Floors


CUSTOM COATIGN SOLUTIONS uses only the Industry’s leading provider of polyaspartic and polyurea coatings.  If you would like us to use an epoxy we can, however there is no comparison to using the best polyaspartic on the market.  That is what we use.  The Best!  We “Do it once, Do it right!”  Don’t worry about cracks, or spalling, or voids.  We will do the concrete repair and coat on top!  We can also do your landing and steps and your grade beam/curb/pony wall!

We carry 12 standard chip colors but can order any color imaginable or blend of colors.  One color, two colors… a percentage of each color, etc…  We can also just do a solid color; mostly we do a lite gray or a dark gray with some traction control but again can order any color you want!