CUSTOM COATING SOLUTIONS offers the best and most tried and true Polyaspartic on the market!

Polyaspartics are the leading technology of most durable industrial coating available. Polyaspartics are outstanding for all sorts of flooring. It’s durable, flexible, corrosion and chemical resistant and can resist moisture. Polyaspartic coating technology offers cost savings in application and resumption of normal working as quickly as possible.


Polyaspartic Flooring Benefits

  • Can be applied at temperatures as low as -30 F and as high as 140 F
  • Once cured can tolerate temperatures as high as 350 F
  • Has much greater abrasion and impact resistance than epoxy coatings
  • Three times more durable than epoxy
  • Does not blush or whiten/Color Retention
  • Curing time is very quick and work can be turned over sometimes in 24 hrs
  • UV stable on interior and exterior applications
  • Number of finishes and design flexibility
  • “Water Clear”/High Gloss finish/OPTIONAL MULTI COATS
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Resists fat and oil penetration
  • Protected from Mild Acids
  • Have excellent penetrating characteristics to form excellent bonds to concrete
  • Anti-microbial additive for food processing and health care facilities can be added

Polyaspartic Flooring Systems

  1. Clear Coat System: Clear coat directly onto the concrete. Provides “water clear/High Gloss” finish while protecting the concrete
  2. Ballistix:  Clean and seal or grind and seal
  3. Solid Color System: Standard and Custom Colors available. The topcoat can be applied for a matte or gloss finish.
    *Antimicrobial additive available for food processing or health care facilities
  4. Metallic Color System: A Metallic pigment is mixed in with the polyaspartic coating to produce eye catching designs. These Metallics are commonly used in show rooms, museums, restaurants, and clubs.


  1. Quartz Color System: Quartz/rock is the fourth in hardness behind topaz, corundum and diamond. This system will withstand abuse from forklifts, pallet jacks and heavy furnishings with virtually any color you want.
  2. Vinyl Chip Color System: Offers amazing design flexibility. Vinyl chips with varying sizes, or color chips, or multiple color chips, including stripped, florescent black light are broadcasted into the polyaspartic system.