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Custom Coating Solutions offers a solution to your Industrial, Residential, Commercial and Automotive coating needs. Choose from Polyurethane, Polyaspartics, and Epoxy to protect what matters most to you. We encounter many coating failures and have a solution for each and every one. We fix the failure, increase the value of your investment, and make your investment last. Our Company motto is “Do it Once, Do it Right”!

There are many reasons for a protective coating. Our Canadian climate is often harsh and destructive. Many other coating products fail because the wrong product for that application was used, or the preparation was rushed and unprofessional. Most often the failures we discover developed because the product used was rigid, stiff, and inflexible. In Canada, we need to choose the right product that can handle our freeze/thaw cycles, and the expansion and contraction that accompanies it. Whatever your reason, Custom Coating Solutions has the best product for your application. We are here to ensure that our products will be the right one for you.

Custom Coating Solutions will help you save you time, money and frustration. You can bring in your application needs to our shop or our mobile operation allows us to travel to you. 

Thank you for visiting our website. I hope you find the information provided beneficial and helpful. If there are any questions that you have that are not addressed on the website, please give us a call or e-mail anytime.

Ken Klause

Bay #102 7611 Sparrow Drive, Leduc, AB

Cell: 780 990 6208

"Do it once. Do it right"

Industrial. Commercial. Residential.


Protective coatings by Custom Coating Solutions provide a number of advantages. All of our Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Automotive coatings will protect virtually any surface; including steel, iron, metal, concrete, wood, aluminum, PVC, and ABS.

Custom Coating Solutions can also offer ANY color to your concrete, steel, wooden decks, patios, on any interior or exterior application. We can also add any degree of slip resistant texture that you request. 

Having a protective coating can provide many benefits, including:

  • Added life of substrate

  • Added surface durability and strength

  • A protective barrier

  • Chemical resistance

  • Corrosion and rust resistance

  • Decorative purposes

  • Dust control and dissipation of static electricity

  • Ease of cleaning and disinfecting

  • Potable water applications

  • Primary and secondary containment

  • Reduce or remove maintenance costs

  • Reduction of permeability
  • Renewed appearance

  • Save you time money and frustration

  • Slip resistant textures

  • UV stability

  • Virtually ANY Color Choice

  • Waterproofing

  • Weatherproofing

Have a look over our selection of products to find the one that is best suited for you.

Polyurethane is the perfect product for our extreme Canadian climate. It won’t chip, peel, flake or break off. Polyurethane can adhere to just about any base including wood, concrete, metal, steel, aluminum, PVC, ABS, etc. Custom Coating Solutions has many applications other than truck bed liners. See Applications and photo gallery

Polyurethane can seal Primary and Secondary Containment in:

  • Sewage Treatment Tanks

  • Chemical Storage Tanks

  • Settling Ponds

  • Canals

  • Landfill Basins

  • Industrial Tanks and Pipes

  • Transportation and Storage Tanks

  • Fountains

  • Technical Data Condensed 

  • Polyurethane products are used for so much more than the lining in truck beds. Custom Coating Solutions uses polyurethane because of its many benefits.

    Polyurethane benefits include:

    • Damage and impact resistant

    • Impervious to sweating or weakening in water

    • Resistant to grease and other chemicals (i.e. oil)

    • Textured to reduce slipping

    • Able to absorb impact to reduce vibration

    • Leak proof

    • Stable even in temperatures up to 120 degrees Celsius

    • Available in a wide variety of colours

    • Able to hold its shape both firmly and flexibly

    • CIFA approved (meaning it is safe to be in contact with food, making it suitable for restaurant applications)*

    *Custom Coating Solutions uses products that are Canadian Food and Inspection Agency (CFIA) approved. This means potable and safe for use in restaurants, water holding tanks, and any other place where our products may come into contact with food or water.

    This coating is excellent for all sorts of flooring. Polyaspartics are available in a variety of spray, roll-on and brush applications. Polyaspartic coating technology is cost effective in both its application and for your time.

    Polyaspartic benefits include:

    • Anti-microbial additive is available upon request
    • Can be added to old epoxy floors to bring back to life
    • Can be applied in temperatures as low as -30 F (-34 °C) and as high as 140 F (60°C)
    • Does not blush or whiten
    • Doesn’t cause stains
    • Drying time is very quick and work can be turned over sometimes in as little as 24 hours
    • Fast cure times
    • Has much greater abrasion and impact resistance than epoxy coatings
    • High Gloss Finish
    • Once cured can tolerate temperatures as high as 350 F (176°C)
    • Protected from mild acids
    • Resists fat and oil penetration
    • Ten times more durable than epoxy
    • USDA, FSIS and CFIA Acceptable
    • UV stable on interior and exterior applications
    • Zero VOC’s
    Ideal for Applications in:
    • Aircraft Hangars
    • Automobile Dealerships
    • Chemical Plants
    • Cold Storage Areas
    • Driveway
    • Food Processing Areas
    • Garage Floors
    • Industrial Warehouses
    • Patios
    • Pool Decks
    • Pulp and Paper Mills
    • Show Rooms
    • Walkways

    Data Sheets:

    Visit or contact us for more information.

    What would our coatings be without a little colour? Custom Coating Solutions uses advocoat colours, which come in a variety of styles.

    Clear Coat System:  

    A Clear coat is applied directly onto prepared concrete.  It provides a “water clear/High Gloss” finish while protecting the concrete. This is the most cost efficient application.

    Solid Color System:  

    A pigmented coat is applied directly onto prepared concrete.  It provides a “water clear/High Gloss” finish while protecting the concrete. Standard and Custom Colors available.  This is the next most cost efficient application.

    Metallic Color System:  

    A Metallic pigment is mixed in with the polyaspartic coating to produce eye catching designs.  These Metallics are commonly used in showrooms, museums, restaurants, and clubs.

    Quartz Color System:  

    Quartz/rock is the fourth in hardness behind topaz, corundum and diamond.  This system will withstand abuse from forklifts, pallet jacks and heavy furnishings with virtually any color you want.

    Vinyl Chip Color System:

    This system offers amazing design flexibility.  Vinyl chips with varying sizes, or color chips, or multiple color chips, including stripped, fluorescent black light are broadcasted into the polyaspartic system.

    • A glass bead can also be added to any system for extra slip resistance if requested

    Custom Coating Solutions can match just about any colour. Visit  for more information. Or contact us

    There are a variety of different epoxies that are made to tackle a specific need.  Epoxy will not hold up in comparison to your polyurethanes and polyaspartics. If the epoxy coating is not installed properly, epoxy can and will fail. This can cause headaches and raise operational costs in the future.

    There are several reasons why epoxy coating might fail:

    • Humidity
    • Improper temperature
    • Improperly cleaned/prepared floors
    • Incorrect primer applied
    • Inexpensive product
    • No primer applied
    • Substrate is weak
    • The application is put in incorrectly
    • The epoxy has not been mixed properly

    Custom Coating Solutions encourages customers to carefully consider the benefits of using an epoxy.


    Custom Coating Solutions can coat just about everything. We believe in keeping your Industrial, Commercial or Residential application protected from any elements that it may face.

    If you don’t see the application item on any of our lists, please contact us

    The application possibilities are endless. 


    Residential Coatings

    Custom Coating Solutions knows that your home is your castle.  Keep your castle looking it’s very best by making sure it is protected against the elements. Make your application last and increase the value of your home!

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    Industrial Coatings

    Custom Coating Solutions will get the job done right by not having to worry about industrial damage in any environment. 

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    Commercial Coatings

    Keep your facilities in fine working order by using our products to make the job easier.

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    Our residential coatings can do:

    • Automotive needs
    • Cargo/Work Trailers
    • Concrete Pad
    • Deck/Patio
    • Garage floor
    • Mud room
    • Recreational Vehicles 
    • Snowmobile trailers
    • Stairs/landing
    • Trailer fronts
    • Truck bed liners 
    • Weight room
    • Exposed Aggregate Sealer for Driveways 

    Custom Coating Solutions can do:

    • 200, 400, 500 BBL oil tank contaminants

    • Flatbed/work trailers

    • Flooring

    • Hydrovac trucks/Water trucks

    • Rig matting (non-slip texture added where necessary)

    • Secondary containment

    • Steel rigs

    • Vessel coating

    Custom Coating Solutions can do:

    • Animal shelters
    • Car wash bays
    • Cargo trailers
    • Drains
    • Flooring
    • Gutters
    • Ice houses
    • Meat processing facilities
    • Mechanical rooms
    • Parkades
    • Ponds
    • Pools
    • Roofing
    • Vestibules
    • Washrooms
    • Water parks


    At Custom Coating Solutions, we believe in educating ourselves in order to give you the best possible service and peace of mind.

    We are certified in: 

    • H2S Alive

    • Oil field certificate

    • PST (petroleum Safety Training)

    • Confined Space

    • Fall protection

    • WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System)

    • First aid

    Oil field certifications


    I thought that you would like to know just how pleased we are with the work you have done around our building. Of course the first work that was done was the entranceway to our back door. That has stood the test of time. We have had a new owner move in to the adjoining suite and the sale was completed because of the work you did way back. Then there's the work that you did on the two areas on either side of our front entrance. Little did we know that this work would make our building look so attractive to anyone looking to buy into our building. The two areas that you did stopped all leaks and , the owners of the two suites can't stop raving about the work that was done.
    I look like a genius, so much so that other owners want every balcony to be done for every one of our ground floor suites. I want to thank you for your work, and if you ever want anyone to sing your praises for you work, don't hesitate to have them call me and I'll point out your great results.

    Joe Hudson

    Wolf Willow Manor
    Phone # (780) 988-5388
    Simco Management

    I heard about Custom Coating Solutions and the work they were doing with decks and garage floors.  Their product was described to me as a thicker version, with many more application options, as the material used for spray-on truck box liners. I though I'd test the product on one garage floor.  I was so impressed with the first garage they did I had them come back and do 3 other areas for a total of 2000 sq ft.  They were meticulous with the prep work and took the time to do the job perfectly.  The durability of the product is amazing - no visible floor cracks!!  It washes easily and any oil spills can be pressure washed with zero damage to the flooring. I will be using Custom Coating Solutions again.  It's been 5 years since the first garage was done...and it still looks like new!!

    David S.

    St. Albert, AB.

    We have been using Custom Coating solutions since 2010 and are very  pleased with the product as well as the service.  We are very impressed  with the Armor Thane on our decks - it really stands up to the weather!!
    Thanks Ken

    Iona Keating
    Residential Property Manager
    Urbanlife Management Ltd.
    780-435-9250 ext 248

    Thank you for your services, everything looks good and we are very happy with your work.  We appreciate you working around the needs of our seniors and working within their schedules to cause the least amount of inconvenience for them.  Look forward to working with you again.
    Thank You

    Robert Krahn
    Leduc Foundations


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    Ken Klause Owner/Operator


    Cell: 780 990 6208


    Bay #102 7611 Sparrow Drive

    Leduc, AB

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