Decks: Plywood decks and drip through decks

Custom Coating Solutions can give you a gorgeous new waterproof finish that will essentially last a lifetime!

Do you want to cover up that old vinyl deck?

Are you tired of painting your deck boards over and over again?

If you have a plywood deck, vinyl deck, or treated deck, we have the solution to create a gorgeous deck! Please visit our gallery for a ton of awesome pictures.

Imagine no more painting or staining!

We can go right on top of the vinyl if it is decent shape.  If not, we tear it off, supply/install custom color and profile flashing, float out the waterproof membrane, custom color choices and give you the seamless finish you want.

We also go on top of deck boards and faded, discolored, slippery, stained, composite decking!  Any color imaginable.

FLEXSTONE/polyurethane… fully CCMC (Canadian Construction material certified) approved waterproof membrane, unlimited lifespan, seamless and luxurious, Eco-friendly and odorless, interchangeable finishes and endless application options!